New Site – Same Junkyard

I’ve upgraded!  That’s right, after years of self-maintaining the site using my abacus and a golf pencil, I’ve finally entered the modern era.  Don’t think this changes anything.  It’s still just me, mild mannered Bruce.  Still as much a hopeless junkie as ever!

NOTE:: Some guy in Holland bought almost all my NOS Kawasaki, so the motorcycle part of this site will be under construction until I find more parts to buy.  Meantime,

Click below to see what I’m currently letting go too cheaply on eBay.

Click to get to the Guns page and see what’s new there.  Jack, make that a link?

What I Want

Stuff I need, will trade for:  have cash, will travel.

I buy NOS (new old stock) motorcycle parts, and will happily pay a finder’s fee if you can turn me on to any.  Any brand, big buyouts, or just a couple of boxes worth, I’m interested.  A vacation maybe? My boss, me, is a jerk, he doesn’t know what an 8 hour day is, nor what a paycheck is, etc.  I’m always willing to consider trading parts for firearms I find interesting, so no harm in asking, OK?

I love RDs, I’ve owned over 60 thus far (no BS), so would love to see pictures of yours, I might even show them here for you.

An email from you just saying HOWDY is always enjoyed.

Update Finally!

February 2014

Thanks to my computer god son Jack, we’re experimenting with WordPress to update the site, since the old computer that I could edit it on is kaput.  I’m getting my Federal Firearms License (FFL) so I’ll be for the moment concentrating on http://www.VirtuallyJunk.com/Guns and adding what firearms I have for sale, and a link to Gunbroker.com where I’ll be selling them.  I do not intend to have a brick and mortar shop, costs too much here in Tombstone, so that page will be my display and my way of marketing guns.  BEWARE, I’m a legal beagle, I do all transfers and sales by the ATF’s book, no actions will be taken that violate any regulations.

More to follow, as soon as I relearn to add more content to the site, in the meantime, HAPPY HUNTING!

The End

OK, I lied (hehe).