Tombstone Arizona Shooting Shootout Guns

Well, the city of Tombstone won’t let me tell people about wanting to take them shooting so they can experience the fun of it, so using my WordPress to get the word out.  I’ll take you out to a safe place, give you some gun safety, ascertain you are not  prohibited possessor (felony or domestic violence), then familiarize you with whichever handgun or rifle I have you’d like to experience, then blast away (safely, remember?)  I currently have a Colt 45 pistol, a 44 magnum “Dirty Harry” type revolver, a Browning Hi-Power 9mm,  a .380 Bersa Thunder, a Ruger 10/22 rifle, other 22 rifles and 22/22 magnum pistols, an AK74, and a VEPR firing 7.62x54R, a big powerful rifle.  Guns change as I buy and sell, I’m a licensed FFL, so call ahead and we’ll schedule you or your party.  Kids OK with parent’s OK, any questions or to set up a time, please call my cell 520-457-8266.  Trying to regularly schedule for high noon Saturday and Sunday, but available anytime you’re ready, only need about 1/2 hour notice.  I’ll fancy this page up later, pics of me, the range (4 miles from town, I’ll take you in my van if you’d like), the firearms available, and maybe some ugly bugs or other irreverent crap.  Thanks for your interest, Backwoods Bruce in Tombstone Arizona.